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Do you have ugly kitchen cabinets that need a makeover? This tutorial shows you How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets to give your kitchen a facelift on a budget. Learn how to paint kitchen cabinets without sanding or priming. YES, it is possible AND durable! Hopefully, you have already read all about our kitchen remodel on a budget part 1 and part 2, which included painting our kitchen cabinets–DIY style. A makeover doesn’t necessarily mean replacing those gloomy cabinets. You can clean them up and brush on some new paint—and within a weekend take that kitchen from dreary to sunny. Yes, it is possible to paint cabinets without sanding. If you prep with the right products, you can save yourself the hassle with these tips. The kitchen, Saturday morning: Complete with dirty dishes in the sink. Lately I have been looking at a LOT of kitchen makeovers. One thing I noticed is how dramatic a transformation could be just by changing the paint colors of kitchen cabinets. The right prep, primer, and paint can transform the look of your cupboards—and your entire cook space—without busting the budget .

Great job and I love the color. When we were renovating our home 5 years ago we wanted to brighten up our kitchen cabinets. The actual cabinet frames were yellowish from cooking and natural wear and tear but the actual doors were still crisp white because of their finish. Looking to add some color to your kitchen? Check out these beautifully colorful painted kitchen cabinets. Learn the best ways to open up the possibilities of your kitchen cabinets with this easy 5 step guide, complete with color recommendations from Sue Wadden. You want your kitchen cabinets to look GOOD. You can’t just slop the paint on and hope for the best. That’s why its really important to choose the right paint for the project at the outset. .

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